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      Zunyi City Beiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Beiyuan Chemical Company's process, equipment and three-waste treatment technology upgrade and transformation project
      Time: 2021-01-09

      The "Environmental Impact Report on the Process, Equipment and Three Wastes Treatment Technology Upgrade Project of Zunyi Beiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd." has been compiled, and it is planned to apply to the Zunyi City Ecological Environment Bureau for approval. According to the "Environmental Impact Assessment Public Article 20 of the Participation Management Measures, the environmental impact report and public participation instructions to be submitted for approval of the project are made public to the public.

      󰈃 Jessy Pu(Overseas sales manager)
      Mob/wechat/whatsApp: +86-13639241327
      Foreign trade: Mr. Zhang +86-18908525729
      Domestic sales: Ms. Hu +86-13595252158
      Foreign trade: byhg2058@china-beiyuan.com
      Domestic sales: byhg2058@china-beiyuan.com
      Add: Wujiang Building, Xianggang Road, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, China