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      Ultraviolet absorbent UV-1

      ChemicalName: N-(Ethoxycarbonylphenyl)-N'-Methyl-N'-Phenylformamidine

      Molecular formula:  C17H18N2O2    Molecular weight: 282.3    CAS No.: 57834-33-0   

      Production Capacity:200MT/a.
      Specification:(Enterprise standard of China)

      quality specification

      Standard value


      Light yellow cryst. liquid

      Content (%) ≥


      Residue of ignition≤


      acid value (%)≤


      Moisture content (%)≤


      Packing:25kg Blue PE plastic drum
      Gross weight :28kg Net weight:25kg 200kg Blue PE plastic drum
      Gross weight :210kg Net weight:200kg
      Storage:Seal and keep away light
      Usage:Uv-1 is a high efficient uv absorber, which can effectivelyabsorb 280-350 nm uv light.
      This product is easily and homogeneously miscible with both polyester and polyether polyols and highly soluble in many solvents. it shows good compatibility with isocyanates as well as with other additives used in polyurethane systems.
      This product has excellent light stability in polyurethane products such as microcellular foam, traditional hard bubble, semi-hard foam,soft foam and fabric coating, some adhesives, sealants, elastomers, PVC and acrylic resin polymer.
      󰈃 Jessy Pu(Overseas sales manager)
      Mob/wechat/whatsApp: +86-13639241327
      Foreign trade: Mr. Zhang +86-18908525729
      Domestic sales: Ms. Hu +86-13595252158
      Foreign trade: byhg2058@china-beiyuan.com
      Domestic sales: byhg2058@china-beiyuan.com
      Add: Wujiang Building, Xianggang Road, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, China